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I hate to admit this but I’m a chronic food waster. I’m not proud of it by any means.

It makes me cringe every time I throw away food in the trash. I don’t know if that says that I either don’t eat enough at home or that the packages at the store give you too much. Either way it’s bad news.

Last night as I was cleaning out the refridgerator, I pondered the idea of composting. I’ve thought about it before in the past but those thoughts never turned into anything. I feel like it would be quite the commitment, especially since I live in an apartment without a yard.

At my office I love that we have a compost bin. My banana and orange peels and napkins all go in the green bin. So why shouldn’t I be able to do the same at home?

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Now that is quite the internal debate that’s going on.

Since giving up meat, poultry and fish a few months ago I have decided that I wanted to bring fish back onto my plate.

For the last few weeks I have made some attempts. I’m not quite sure whether this will be a permanent decision.

My first bite of fish was a lovely backed salmon that was delicious. No problems with devouring that.

The second attempt was not as delectable. In fact it was the complete opposite. From beginning to end.

Sushi. Oh, how I missed thee… until I walked into the sushi restaurant. The odor of raw fish was no delightful aroma. Instead, I felt like I had just walked into a fish market.

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Four months ago I went through a stressful time in my life. I had just graduated from the dietetic internship in June 2010 and was now unemployed. On top of that I had the daunting task of taking the Registered Dietitian (RD) exam in September 2010.

Fortunately, shortly after graduating I was very blessed with a job at a large Portland hospital. But I still had this looming cloud over me to pass the RD exam.

While this was all happening, two very uncomfortable mental and physical stresses were occurring

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