I have a confession to make.

This weekend has not been a very good “Eating In” week/weekend. I have failed in this arena. (But then again I feel like that’s almost every weekend – anybody agree with me on this one?) Anyway, here is the first part of my ‘Not Eating In’ series, showcasing my eats from my dining out streak.

1. Healthy Steps Healthy U

At my company all employees have the opportunity to take part in a benefits wellness program called Healthy Steps. I just started my job this past September but I didn’t join the program until the beginning of January. Essentially if you part take in any physical activity – this includes work outs, riding your bike to work or any organized race or event – you have the opportunity to earn points. Once an employee reaches up to 1200 points they will receive $200 benefits dollars to their paycheck at the end of the year. Pretty awesome deal, no?!

My Healthy Steps Activity Log

My Healthy Steps Activity Log

I’ve been trying to remember to log in all my work outs. I have to say it’s been encouraging to see how physically active I’ve been so far this year. (Let’s hope I keep it up, especially with my first half-marathon coming up in June!)

Healthy Choice Logo and Sign

In addition to this awesome program, one of the dietitians here at the hospital has worked with the benefits program team and the cafes to offer customers healthy choices stamped with a Healthy Steps logo (similar to the Safeway SimpleNutrition program). I have two favorite meals so far that I have to share. For breakfast there is a Healthy Choice meal that consists of one scrambled egg with tomatoes, 2 veggie patties, fresh fruit and a slice of whole wheat toast. All for $4.95 and it’s only 368 calories! Then for lunch they offer a burrito bowl that consists of 3 oz chicken (I ask for no chicken and extra beans), beans and rice with lettuce, tomato, salsa and a small amount of guacamole for only $5.50 and only 400 calories! Both meals are decent portions and filling. Great healthy options! It makes me feel less guilty for dining out.

Healthy Choice Breakfast

2. Food Cart Fridays!

A friend and I have started a new tradition to make our Fridays even better. Apparently one’s happiness goes up 10% on Fridays, so we thought that going to the food carts would make it go up to 20%.  🙂

Just Thai Food Cart (Courtesy from Stumptown Vegans)

The first week we went to Homegrown Smoker, the following week was Just Thai. And it was just delicious! (We also noticed that in a 2 block radius there were at least 6 different Thai food carts!) Unlike the healthy choice meals I don’t know how many calories I consumed in my meal but I was able to get vegan Pad See Ew with tofu for $6. The tofu was cooked perfectly, and my dish had plenty of broccoli, bean sprouts and carrots. For all you Portland vegans out there, this place can make any dish on the menu vegan! On a side note – they are eco-friendly by using paper to-go boxes and not using plastic bags. Final Score: 9.5/10 (Again, I was too busy devouring my plate that I forgot to take a photo!)

Pad See Ew from Just Thai (Courtesy of Stumptown Vegans)

Did you eat in or dine out this weekend? And are there any food carts in your city/neighborhood? What are your favorites?