(Courtesy of whywerecycle.com)

I hate to admit this but I’m a chronic food waster. I’m not proud of it by any means.

It makes me cringe every time I throw away food in the trash. I don’t know if that says that I either don’t eat enough at home or that the packages at the store give you too much. Either way it’s bad news.

Last night as I was cleaning out the refridgerator, I pondered the idea of composting. I’ve thought about it before in the past but those thoughts never turned into anything. I feel like it would be quite the commitment, especially since I live in an apartment without a yard.

At my office I love that we have a compost bin. My banana and orange peels and napkins all go in the green bin. So why shouldn’t I be able to do the same at home?

I spoke with our department’s sustainability coordinator today (She’s the best!) and asked her about what options I could have as far as composting at home. I’ve looked online at a few sites but didn’t really know what the soundest advice was. She replied with, “You could start a worm bin.”

Hmm… Worm bin? I suppose I could. But where to start?

After browsing online, I came upon The Greenest Dollar and her adventures in Vermicomposting. She makes it look easy to set up and simple enough to store someplace in an apartment.

Heather from The Greenest Dollar discusses some awesome ways to start composting if you live in an apartment. Here are some options she mentions:

1. Start a Worm bin (aka Vermicompost) – You can either buy a kit like Can-O-Worms or make your own. Unfortunately you are not allowed to put meat or dairy products into this bin.

Vermicomposting via Can-O-Worms (courtesy of Amazon.com)

2. Use a Bokashi System – Originally from Japan, you can compost all kinds of food waste, including animal-byproducts. Also, it can hold up to 5 gallons of food waste!

All Food Recycling Compost Kit with Bokashi (Courtesy of Amazon.com)

3. Just Keep Your Scraps – You might be lucky enough to live in an apartment that already composts, but I’m assuming for most of us we don’t have that luxury. Instead you can keep your scraps in a bin and find a facility who will take your compost for you. You can check out www.FindAComposter.com to see what’s available in your area.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Crock from Real Goods (Courtesy of Best Green Home Tips)

(If you want more details in what she suggests, you can go to The Green Dollar’s post on How to Compost Indoors…Even If You Live in an Apartment to find out!)

Now that I have some options in mind here are some things I need to think about.

Every reason I should invest in composting:

  1. To stop throwing away food
  2. To decrease my carbon footprint (You may ask: How does food waste contribute to this?)
  3. Less trash
  4. Just cause it’s pretty cool

Potential loop holes in starting composting:

  1. Getting my roommate on board
  2. Finding room in the apartment, so that it doesn’t look like we have a bin of worms lying around
  3. I may have to touch worms
  4. Money to buy a Vermicompost Bin (~$140) or Bokashi System (~$85)

I definitely have to research more into this before I potentially open up a can of worms (literally!). But I think I’m headed in the right direction.

Do you compost at home/work? If yes, how do you compost? If not, have you ever thought about starting?