Although I have given up meat well over 6 months ago I decided I would officially pledge to have meatless Mondays.

Ever since dabbling in vegetarianism 7 months ago, I have quit meat altogether. I added back fish four months ago but I definitely do not consume as much as I used to. I don’t want to call myself a pescatarian or a vegetarian wannabe.  I don’t really like to label myself, so I won’t.

You can say that I might have been slightly brainwashed into eliminating meat (my coworker is a vegan) but I’m actually quite thankful. I used to be that person that would say, “I could never give up meat. I need meat with every meal.” Oh, what I fool I was. I was missing out on a world of wonderful plant-based foods! I have a new-found love for beans, tofu and tempeh! Although I still consume cheese, dairy and eggs, I make more of an effort to consume them less. If anything I eat these more outside the house. I make a conscious effort to buy soy milk and soy yogurt as well as not buying eggs to eat at home.

No more heavy feelings after eating meaty meals. My taste buds have also become more sensitive, especially to very salty foods. And boy oh boy is meat salty! I have always been pretty sensitive to this but even more than before. (There are some other reasons I decided to quit meat. Click here to read why.)

So I guess this post is to encourage all of you to try Meatless Monday. Not only is it for a healthier you but a healthier planet! (Click here to read how its beneficial for all of us!) And when I made the conscious effort to not eat meat it was a wake-up call. Almost everything we serve in our kitchens (both in the home AND in restaurants) has meat in it. Doesn’t sound too crazy from the perspective of the meat-eater but from the opposite end it definitely is.

So will you make the move to try meatless Monday? What is your view on this?