So I know it’s not Tuesday but I wanted to share how my first Vegan Tuesday went yesterday.

My first Vegan Tuesday lunch!

I realized that being vegan on Tuesday wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. At home for breakfast I had organic whole grain cereal with soy milk and a sliced up banana. As for lunch, the wonderful café right next to my office offers vegan soups 4 out of 5 days a week. They are simply delicious. This Tuesday’s soup was Vegan Tomato Black bean – it tasted very similar to a minestrone soup. The café offers a wonderful combo deal where you can get an 8 oz soup and 12 oz build-your-own salad for $4.95. Such a steal!

Not only did I follow Vegan Tuesday but I managed to eat right with color! (Unlike my satisfying yet visually boring breakfast)

Now… what to have for dinner? I fiddled with idea of making Vegan Chili Dogs and a small side salad (and tots… just because I love tots!). I had some left over tofu dogs in the fridge and I was thinking I’d spice them up with some chili. That was the plan… but after my 5 mile run a friend called me up and asked if I wanted to join her for dinner at a local pub. I never pass up grub with friends! (My vegan chili dog was placed on the back-burner but I think tonight it will make an appearance on my dinner plate.)

We went to North 45, a pub right down the street from my apartment. I’ve been there many times but not on a Vegan Tuesday! Unfortunately they don’t have many vegetarian or vegan options. So I ordered my usual Portobello sandwich with grilled zucchini and red peppers with a side of fries but this time without cheese and garlic mayo. It was still delicious! And we ended up sitting next to the man behind all the food, the chef! (I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures before I ate!)

On a side note… After reading about tangelos from The Healthy Apron (Thanks Erin!), I wanted to try them for myself! I was easily able to find tangelos at Fred Meyer. I can’t wait to try it out as a snack later this afternoon! Look at my happy plate of fruit! (I think the banana will be my stomach’s first victim) 🙂

My happy fruit plate: Tangelo, Organic Bartlett Pear, Organic Banana

All in all I say it was a successful Vegan Tuesday (But not so much an “eating in” success – I’ll leave that for another day. Perhaps tonight!).

What do you typically have for lunch at work/school/away from home? And would anyone be willing to try out a Vegan Tuesday with me for at least a month?